Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not your traditional walk

Ok, I haven't been "walking" as in fast paced, get your miles in - but - Monday I did get about two miles in various stages walked. And last night I dragged 2 forty foot irrigation pipes one 1/8 of a mile through knee high and higher grass 4 times, plus the walk without pipes back across the field. Now I think that counts because I also used upper body strength when pulling the pipes!

You won't get any blogging from me the next few days, I'm headed to paint my dad's kitchen and dining room. The bad part is - the mini horse I purchased for my grandkid's is about to pop! She looks like she could drop a foal any day and my dh isn't happy I'll be gone and he's on foal patrol!

I'm taking a couple of chapters to hopefully do some editing on if I have some down time while I'm gone. I can never go anywhere empty handed in case there is the off chance I do have a spare moment.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

I think that counts!

Have fun painting. And I hope you get at least a minute to get some work done.