Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer and freedom

Ha! That's a laugh! Whoever coined those to words together didn't have three part time jobs - one of which kicks it up a notch in the summer months - and live on 70 acres!

I returned from my meeting in Salem at 12:15 am fell into bed, and ignored my husband when he crawled out of bed at 5:30 am. Then the dog got me up at 6:00 am and the dh called to tell me two fields needed raked. I cleaned house because we had company coming for dinner, then went to my morning meeting, had lunch with a friend that was scehduled eons ago, bought the groceries for dinner, went home made the enchiladas, threw them in the refrigerator, went out raked the fields, came back in the house, didn't even have time to clean up and the company arrived. Showed them around took pictures of the new horse and had dinner. Cleaned up dinner, visited, they left, checked e-mails I hadn't checked in two days due to busy schedule, took a shower and fell into bed!

That is my summer. Work, meetings, haying, and falling into bed exhausted. When I'm lucky I'll squeeze in some blog time and writing. Whoever said summer and freedom - must have been a kid!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I'm tired just reading your blog.

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Love the new hair!

Piper Lee said...

Paty, you should have married a computer geek like I did, then you wouldn't be so tired from trying to keep up with 70 acres.

We have 1.5 acres and it's all we can do to mow. LOL

I thank my husband all the time for not being a rancher or farmer. I look at the women around our small town who are married to the kind of man you are and they are all tired too. I know you're all happy as clams, but you're also worked to death! LOL

I'm a total wimp and don't envy your work load at all. Sorry girl. But at least I admire you for what you accomplish everyday. Does that make you feel better? (Yeah, right!)

Hope things get better and you can give up some of those part-time jobs that are usually full time. You deserve to have a break. Tell the dh to get a ranch hand, you quit! LOL (Fat chance, I know.)

I'll think happy thoughts of summer and freedom for you since you don't have time. Isn't that nice of me? ROFLMAO!!!

Love ya girlfriend! And I agree with Eli, your hair is adorable!! Love it!