Sunday, November 26, 2006

Need Title

I took the advice of those who posted and I'm going to set the Native American story to the side and write the second Halsey brother book.

The opening came to me before bed last night. I dug around for my notebook and pen, and crept into the bathroom to jot it down.

My question to you all today - Do connecting books need titles that sound or appear connected in some way? I'm having a tough time thinking of a title to the second book that would be similar to the first. Marshal in Petticoats. The second one is about a school teacher. Gunslinging Schoolmarm just doesn't sound like a good title to me. But it would kind of stick with the humorous flavor I hope to have in this book as well. And then what am I going to come up with for the next one? I know in one book the heroine will be a prostitute. Should that title be The Saintly Prostitute?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


wavybrains said...

Unless she's another gun toting female, you don't have to carry the gun theme, but I do LOVE connected titles (Heiress Bride, Hellion Bride, Color Titles, Song Titles, Etc. Anything that says "Second book in Series! Buy Me!).

So Let's see.

Teacher in Britches
Teacher in Boots
School Marm in Corsets
Teacher in a Stetson

OR go with the guy in the title
Miner in Corsets
Miner in a Bonnet
Miner in a Shift

If she does have a gun as a plot point,
Teacher with a Deringer
Teacher in a gun belt
Teacher in a holster
Teacher with a Wesson (I suck at gun brands. You know your stuff. I love how you rattle off the details in MIP.

The way I see it your first title breaks down to:
Main Character in Unexpected Situation in a Western

So therefore you need any combination of words that says that message.

OR you could go the completely unconnected title route--ala Brockmann or the halfway--Coulter's The Maze, The Edge etc--all two word titles with word The.

Piper Lee said...

Lessons by Smith and Wesson?

Wavybrains has some good ideas and I liked yours too Paty. I suck at titles. As you can see. :)

Good luck! Marshal in Petticoats was great. You'll figure it out.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Wavy and Piper.

When I came up with MIP I wasn't thinking about more books in the series. NOW - I have to. The working title is Gunslinging Schoolmarm, but I'll think of something as I write no doubt. She is fast with a gun and they soon learn her father wasn't a miner but an outlaw.

Thank you for more ideas to run around in my head!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I suck at titles, too. If my book ever sells, the title will get changed, I'm sure of it.

I think Wavy had some great suggestions.