Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chapter meeting

We had our MWV RWA chapter meeting a week late this month due to weather. The bad news was my co-speaker became ill in the meantime and I had to talk on my own. It went well. I can talk in front of a group when I know them. And since it was all my chapter buddies - I didn't freeze up. My brain might have, but the mouth kept working! I missed Piper though. She is always lively and good for keeping people interested in the topic.

A critique partner and I had at one point thought about giving on online class for our online chapter, but we can't seem to make any times work right with our writing and work schedules. The topic is "Chapter Four and Beyond" In other words, moving beyond the first three chapters that have been sent to contests and polished until they shine to the meat of the story and the Happily Ever After ending.

We've found that some writers can have a great first three chapters with the story set up and the characters introduced and then they fall apart with a saggy or wandering middle, characters who don't stay true to character, and a quick or unbelievable ending.

What would be some topics you would like a class or workshop on? What do you feel is a weakness in your writing that you could use some help with?

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