Thursday, April 12, 2007

Friday Five

My Friday Five this week are Five reviews I've received. The first two are for my debut historical western romance Marshal in Petticoats. The next two are for my second book, Gambling on an Angel. And the last one is from a fellow author and will be on the cover of my contemporary western, Perfectly Good Nanny.

There’s no fanfare with Marshal in Petticoats, no gimmicks. It simply and quietly lures you in with its humor and tears, passion and romance, intrigue and action, emotional upheaval and healing. It satisfies with a blending of all the elements of a good book.

5 Angel Review This is a delightful novel set in the mining rush that hit Oregon in the late 1800s. The author captured it brilliantly, and the backdrop adds to the wonderfully plotted story filled with well-paced twists and turns, as well as very likeable, endearing characters. For a trip back to the raw, wild days of the silver and gold rushes, with a bit of romance thrown in for added effect, this book is perfect.

4.5 blue Ribbon Review Paty Jager’s Gambling On An Angel fascinated me right from the beginning. As an Oregonian I loved that the whole story takes place right in my home state but I was also thrilled with the historical aspect of travel on the Columbia River. At first Bas and Letha appear to be complete opposites but as you read further into the book you come to realize that they have a lot in common and are both good people with huge hearts. They just have a little issue of being at opposing ends of the Temperance movement. I was especially touched by Lottie’s story and her desire to be as ‘normal’ as could be despite only being able to speak in a whisper. Ms. Jager tells an emotional tale full of characters that you’ll take into your heart and want to remember long after you’ve read the last page.

“Paty Jager spins wonderful romantic stories that shine with intrigue and passion. Gambling on an Angel is a story you cannot put down until you’ve read the last sentence.”

"Paty Jager is a master wordsmith.... Perfectly Good Nanny is a finely woven tale of overcoming the odds, learning to trust again, letting go of the past and accepting love. A delightful story that will leave the reader sighing at the end."

To have people enjoy my stories is my one and only wish.

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