Monday, September 17, 2007

Haying is Done!

Yeah! We finished the hay for this season on Friday!! I'm happy because it means we won't be hustling as much around here, but it also means I'll have to find other avenues to plot and think about my WIP. (work in progress)

That is one thing I like about the haying season, I spend hours on tractors raking and baling. I take along a sturdy little notebook and as I'm moving slowly up and down the rows, one after the other, my mind travels to the settings of my books or I get in conversations with my characters and learn more about them and their lives before the book I'm writing, and it helps ground me in them.

This past week, while thinking about plot points or turning points for the WIP- I came up with something that will carry over into the next petticoat book and had me so giddy I could hardly write it down (well that could have been the bumpy field). The idea is something different and not overly unique, but I'm not going to tell you yet. I want to keep thinking on it and run it past a cp(critique partner) before I get too excited.

Was there anything over the weekend that made you giddy or made you laugh or your heart feel lighter? Share! I love hearing happy things!

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Cool Paty - on both fronts: finishing haying and having an epiphany on the wip.

I love aha! moments.