Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Faves

To start off my Friday Faves has to be, finishing my watering without any further mishaps and coming home!!

I added 6000 words to my WIP. Wanted more but it didn't happen like I'd hoped. Too many other factors. But I had several scenes play out in my head as I drove back and forth from Princeton. I see the rest of the book, I just have to get it into words.

Received Mother's day cards from my oldest daughter and my new daughter-in-law.

Discovering my husband can survive without me, he just doesn't want to.

Received a contract from Wild Rose Press for my free read "Fireworks and Fancies".

What were your faves this week?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

In a week up ups and downs (losing an uncle, my dad being in the hospital) I actually had two bright moments.

One, and by far my favorite was a phone call from my oldest son's teacher--and it was good news for a change! The teacher entered a poem my son wrote in a nationwide contest. Out of 30,000 entries 17 finalists were chosen and my son is one of the finalists!

It's so nice to see a piece of me in that boy--he looks and acts so much like his dad, sometimes I wonder if I had anything to do with his creation at all, LOL. I asked my son what he wrote about. He shrugged and said "pizza." Sigh. Are we surprised? LOL.

The second bright spot was an unexpected and wonderful review for The Model Man. It's been out a while so I thought the reviews were done.

Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Paty Jager said...

Awesome news on both counts, Nic!!

Helen Hardt said...

Friday faves? Got a great review from Whipped Cream for Passion in Paris, and PIP hit the number one spot at the Wilder Roses. Also got 7K written. So a good week for me.

Happy Mother's Day, Paty!

Lauri said...

Glad you made it through this watering week without troubles! Congrats on the WIP and on your free read!

My favorite for the week starts today...It's fishing opener, so hubby went up north! Other than a dinner date with my son on Sunday, the weekend is mine...ALL MINE to do as I choose! Yippee!

Lauri said...

Also want to say congrats to Nic on her son's success and her great review, and to Helen for her review and #1 hit!

Paty Jager said...

Helen, Woo Hoo on the #1 and the great review!

Lauri, You gotta love alone time when you're a writer! LOL