Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Faves

For those of you who kindly played the name game on Monday... I feel bad that I ended up picking a name I didn't even have on the blog. So, watch your inboxes, you are all receiving something from me.(It will show up next week) The name I decided on is Tino Kosta. Why, you might ask after putting up the other names? I just kept name searching and for some reason that one worked for my own reasons-;) Which when the story is done you will find out.

Other good news, I finished, other than one last run through, my latest project so this coming week I can start on my "Jungle Book". I'm hoping once I nail down the exact location and give some place names and get going I'll have a good title. For now, it's the "Jungle Book". But no bears or singing monkeys... well... LOL Nope, no singing monkeys.

One of my chapter mates, Elisabeth Naughton, is up for two Rita awards. Her debut Romantic Suspense Stolen Fury is in the Best New First Book and the Romantic Suspense categories and another chapter mate, Kendra Elliot, is up for a Golden Heart in the Romantic Suspense category. These ladies work hard and deserve the accolades.

I just found out my friend Viola Estrella is also up for a Rita with her book Angel Vindicated for best first book. Woo Hoo, Viola!

And Alexis Morgan for Darkness Unknown in the paranormal category. You ladies, rock

For those who don't know, the RITA is to Romance writers what the Oscars are to movies and music awards are to singers. The GH is kind of like the up-and-coming category. These are for manuscripts that haven't been published yet, but merit being published.

It's raining, we need it! The dh was beginning to wonder if the fertilizer he put on the fields would ever be melted down in.

Have a great weekend! I plan on it!


Helen Hardt said...

Isn't it great about Viola? I think hers is the only small press/epub book up (Cerridwen.)

M Pax said...

I can relate to the naming thing and the title thing.

I should be e-mailing you my synopses soon.

Have a great weekend!

Viola Estrella said...

Thank you, Paty! :-) Hope to see you at RWA again.