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It was Destiny Cheri Kay Clifton was in the Rawhide 'N Roses Anthology

Please welcome another author from the Rawhide 'N Roses Western Anthology, Cheri Kay Clifton.

Paty, thanks for having me on your blog.  I’m so proud to be included in the Anthology, Rawhide N’ Roses, along with you and a wonderful group of western romance authors.
I have lots of notebooks filled with story ideas and characters just waiting for me to breathe life into them, so I had no problem choosing my hero and heroine for my short story, Destiny’s Kiss.  I’ve never written a time-travel before and thought this was a good opportunity to try my hand at it. 

Mackenzi Lane gave up her life in the present to find her destiny in the past.
What in the hell just happened!
Kenzi’s heart pounded inside her chest.  Unable to focus, she felt an aura of numbness sweep through her body.  Frightened and dizzy, she staggered away from the cheval mirror and collapsed into an armchair.
  She shook her head, desperately trying to gather her thoughts as she glanced around the room that wasn’t the attic.  Across from her stood a dressmaker’s form, beside it a treadle sewing machine.  On the tabletop next to her was a kerosene lamp, a magazine laid beside it.  Kenzi read the heading: Godey’s Lady’s Book, New Fashions for Spring, 1884. 
 She turned and faced the upright mirror again.  Her reflection stared back at her just as it had a minute ago … the hair rose on the back of Kenzi’s neck … before she had stepped through the glass.  Sweet Jesus!  This had to be a dream.
The loud clopping of horse’s hooves drew Kenzi’s attention to a large front window.  Outside a carriage passed by followed by two men on horseback.  A couple walked by, their steps resounding on what must have been a wooden boardwalk. 
  Maybe she was hallucinating?  Damn sure not a hangover this time.  She’d given up drinking and partying when she’d given up dating.
Been watching too many westerns on TV, gal!  Either that or getting too involved in American history research with her students.  She laughed, certain she’d awaken and once again be sifting through the antiques she’d discovered in the attic of the house she’d rented.
She closed her eyes and eased back in the chair, waiting for the dream to fade and reality to take hold.

Short author bio:
Cheri Kay Clifton is married to her high school sweetheart and has one son in the U.S. Air Force.  She and her hubby, both retired, divide their time between Florida and North Carolina.  When Cheri isn’t riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, she’s writing the third book in her Wheels of Destiny Trilogy.
I loved researching the history of my hometown, Kearney, Nebraska, known as the gateway to the Oregon Trail.  My passion for those brave pioneers, Native Americans led me to write, Book 1, Trail To Destiny in the Wheels of Destiny Trilogy.    
A turbulent cross-country journey of heated passion, bitter vengeance and a haunted past lead
Grey Wolf and Laura on their … Trail To Destiny.

Paty, I’m excited to announce my new release, Destiny’s Journey, Book 2 of the Wheels of Destiny Trilogy.

Family deception kept Jennifer O’Malley from marrying her first love ten years ago, West Point officer, Glen Herrington.  Now a Civil War widow, she leaves war-torn Richmond, determined to find her destiny.  She makes the long journey west in search of Glen, only to discover he is a notorious outlaw with a price on his head.

At the end of the war, Glen Herrington musters out of the U.S. Cavalry and hires on to Wells, Fargo & Company as an undercover agent.  When Jennifer confronts him locked in a jail cell, the embers of a love too long denied burn deep inside them both, yet Glen is honor bound not to reveal his true identity.

As life-long secrets and life-threatening dangers abound, Glen and Jennifer fight to reclaim their destiny in each other’s arms.

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