Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rawhide 'n Roses author Rain Trueax

I met fellow Oregonian author, Rain Trueax online. We've helped one another with story details and find we both live rural and adore it. Please welcome another talented writer in the western anthology, Rawhide 'n Roses

When I began considering what might make an interesting, 2000 word, short story, for our western writers anthology, Rawhide and Roses, I decided to use secondary characters from an earlier book. I thought I’d enjoy taking a character I had liked and giving them their own story. To me secondary characters in any book are the key to the book working. I’ve had some great ones, a few that readers have related back how much they enjoyed anytime the characters appeared—which pleased me.

Deciding my character should be from the historicals, I first opted for one young man and intended to give him a romance. As soon as I realized with whom he would fall in love, I knew that was too complicated for a short story (going to be a novella or book by summer). That led to choosing a woman, also from Tucson Moon, who I had particularly liked—Connie Sicilla.

Connie is a natural psychic. She was taught by her mother and grandmother, with similar gifts, to accept hers as a responsibility, one from which she was never to use for profit. I’ve known a few like her. It’s rather amazing what they can see, but they do face problems because of a paranormal gift that some fear or misunderstand.

With her husband, faro dealer, Del Sicilla, Connie had left Tucson near the beginning of Tucson Moon. They weren’t driven out by word getting around of her readings, although that had also happened, but rather by his feeling there were greener pastures. The two, married over twenty years with no children, are still passionately in love and supportive of each other. What happens to them in a California mining camp is told in—Connie’s Gift.

Rain Trueax bio:
Growing up on a farm at the edge of wilderness and writing since childhood impacts my view of life as well as my creative work. All my romances emphasize the values of self worth, hard work, nature, and community. Through my characters, I especially like to show how our choices, good and bad have consequences. Some of our greatest growth comes through our intimate relationships where the challenges can be the most painful or joy filled.

Married with two grown children and four grandchildren, I work from our Oregon sheep and cattle ranch, a Tucson desert home, or on the road in the inter-mountain west. I have now published twelve contemporary and two historical romances along (plus three as yet unpublished Oregon historical romances). 


Charlene Raddon said...

Hi, Rain. Enjoyed the blog.

joye said...

I like it when i get introduced to authors I have yet to read. Rain writes the kinds of books I enjoy. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

Rain Trueax said...

Thanks so much for having me, Paty. I really enjoy the camaraderie we have found through the forum and now expanded into other places. Very cool

Cheri Clifton said...

Hi Rain,
Nice to see you on Paty's blog. You are one busy gal, writing great books amidst a life full of family and ranching!
Happy Trails To You,

Lyn Horner said...

Hey Rain, great post! I envy your life away from the hubbub of city life. Must be so peaceful!

Love your story in Rawhide 'n Roses!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Rain,
Sounds like you live in an interesting part of the US, particularly when it comes to Westerns. Being a city slicker, I certainly envy you your lifestyle.



Simone Beaudelaire said...

Nice interview, ladies. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

Chad Strong said...

Enjoyed this post, Rain and Paty!