Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi-Tech Applesauce

Cooking with a microwave is probably nothing new to most people. I, however, only use a microwave to melt chocolate and butter or to heat up leftovers.

The few attempts I've made over the years to actually cook in a microwave never turned out very well. But right now living in a 16 ft by 10 ft cabin all I have to cook with are a microwave, electric skillet, crock pot, and gas barbecue grill.

Over the years I've made large batches of applesauce because my hubby eats it on food like most people use gravy or ketchup. Those batches were always boiled in a large kettle and canned or frozen. Then as the kids left I learned to cook smaller batches on the top of the stove for fresh applesauce.

While visiting my good friend Danita Cahill this week, we visited a small produce stand and I couldn't pass up the price of their apples. They looked fresh and better than any I'd found in stores lately. On the drive home I contemplated the best way to make applesauce and decided to try my luck with the microwave.

Not wanting to ruin all the apples, I peeled and cut up only two and placed them in a 4 cup Pyrex measuring pitcher. I added about a 1/2 inch water and cooked them for 3 minutes. I pulled it out, stirred and added a little sugar. Another 3 minutes and I had cooked apples that mushed when I stirred them! And hubby ate it up with his barbecued short ribs and baked potatoes.

Now that I know I can make applesauce in the microwave I'll be making it more often. The next thing to tackle is seeing if I can cook brown rice in either the microwave or the crock pot. Anyone know?

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