Friday, March 18, 2016

Jump Starting my Life by Paty Jager

Cliffs north of Burns, OR
 Since January 1, 2016 my life hasn't felt like my own. I had high hopes for 2016, and granted we're only three months into the new year, but I have had my hopes dashed several times in those three months.

I'm not writing this as a downer but rather as a "Pick myself up by the bootstraps" and make the changes necessary to make this the year I had hoped. The whole mess started with getting sick when we returned from a fun trip to see children and grandchildren in Alaska over Christmas. I came down with the virus that has knocked so many people on their backsides. I didn't write and barely even checked the internet for two weeks while I slept-literally-day and night. But that seemed to be the best way to get over it, only I discovered my body had turned the virus into strep throat. Once I had the right meds, it didn't take long to get well.

Fish Lake heading up the Steens
And I dug into the next mystery with a vengeance. I had a book signing set for March 12th and I planned to get the book finished and in print for that event. But I also had to read four mystery books (what a chore ;) ) to sound knowledgeable for a panel I was moderating at the Left Coast Crime conference.  I read the books, studied up on the authors and wrote thoughtful questions to ask each one. The conference came and the virus struck again. This time when I was a thousand miles from home. Not fun! I battled through and even with barely a voice I moderated the panel on the last day of the conference.

I came home and crashed for a week. Which made getting the next mystery published by the book signing impossible. I wrote to the book store owner and apologized and while at the signing had a fan also give me a good talking to for not having that book there for her to purchase. The illnesses, traveling, and having company, put a cramp in my usual meeting of expectations.

The funny or ironic twist to this, is I'd told myself I would not keep as harried a schedule this year. I'd only promote and write in the morning and spend the afternoons doing things outside. So far the weather hasn't cooperated too well for that, but I have gotten outside more and plan to keep spending more and more time outside, riding my horse, walking, and planting flowers and vegetables.
Wild flowers on the south side of the Steens taken last June

So while I didn't start the year as I'd planned, I will get out more and spend less time at my desk and computer. You will see two more mystery novels and hopefully a novella from me this year and two more Letters of Fate books, if I press on as planned and spend my time outside. That is manageable and fun. I can't not write, so I might as well put out books for others to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing them.

Has this year started well for you or are you doing a jump start in April as well?


Rain Trueax said...

Since I can't do flu shots (allergy to the vaccine), I avoid the places I could come in contact with someone sick. That means I do not fly at that time of year and when I have to shop, I wash my hands frequently. From what I've heard, this is a particularly bad year with a virus that is so hard for people to get over. I hope you have finally beat it. Good weather coming should help.

Paty Jager said...

HI Rain. I don't do flu shots since my son who is in the military thinks the shots they gave him to go overseas have affected him wrong. I am feeling better. Just hope I've finally kicked this virus. No more plane trips for a while so hopefully that will help. Thanks for commenting!