Thursday, July 21, 2016

Characters Favorite and Least Favorite Things by Paty Jager

I thought it would be fun to take several of my characters and list their favorite and least favorite thing.

Book/Series               Character              Favorite thing        Least Favorite 

Isabella Mumphrey      Doctor Isabella        Studying Native              Bats
Adventure series         Mumphrey               American history

Shandra Higheagle      Shandra                   Sheba, her dog            Commitment
Mystery series             Higheagle        

Shandra Higheagle      Crazy Lil                  Purple clothing           Detective Ryan 
Mystery Series                                                                               Greer

Letters of Fate            Brody Yates           Helping others             Having to survive

Letters of Fate            Isaac Corum            Solitude                       Meddling

Letters of Fate           Davis Weston           Family                       Dishonesty

Spirit of the               Himiin                     The mountain           Evil Spirit Wolves

Spirit of the              Wewukiye              Joking and laughing          Hatred

Spirit of the               Sa-qan                  Soaring through             Cavalry
Sky                                                             the sky 

Joseph Canyon
The best part about writing books is getting to make up characters that are either like me or the complete opposite of me.  I can populate my books with characters who have traits of my family and friends and mix them up so no one knows I'm writing about them, but I know. ;) That is one of the most fun and creative parts of being a writer.

If you were to write a book would you include a character or two with your traits or only choose ones like the people around you?

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