Monday, July 31, 2017

Cover Reveal!

My talented cover artist and daughter sent me the cover for Savannah, the first book in the new Silver Dollar Saloon historical western romance series.  We went back and forth a bit with how the cover should look since this will be the  first in the series and we wanted the saloon on the cover.  I think we achieved what we set out to do. (authors if you need covers, covered by clkeerins is looking for more clients)

For those who aren't familiar with the upcoming series, the Silver Dollar Saloon is in Shady Gulch, Dakota Territory. This is a town along the Northern Pacific Railroad. It took me several days to populate the town. I have a nice mix of different nationalities as that area was populated with Scandinavians, Russians, Germans, and anyone looking to homestead. I've started the timeline of the series while area was still a territory and will continue it through the splitting into North and South Dakota.
As you can tell by the series title this is not following a family. I guess I should say a normal family. The women who work at the saloon and the two men who run it, Jules Mathieu, a creole, and Beau Gentry, along with the woman who runs the boarding house where the women stay, are like a large dysfunctional family.

This first book brings Beau's past to Shady Gulch. Savannah Gentry, a half-sister he didn't know he had arrives looking for him after their father dies. 

This is the working blurb:

Savannah Gentry has lost everything. Her father is dead, their mansion and everything in it is now owned by a banker twice her age who wants her for his wife. Knowing her only chance to survive is to find the half-brother she only learned about at her father’s death, she sets out for Shady Gulch, Dakota Territory.

After hiding in an outhouse to keep from being killed by his own gang and the law, Topeka Kid died and Reverend Larkin Webster was reborn. When Savannah Gentry, sister to the owner of the Silver Dollar Saloon, stumbles off the train and into his arms, he chases the excitement he once knew as an outlaw. This time, his heart won’t listen to his head.  He can’t resist stealing her heart even if it could end his career as a preacher and possibly his life.

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