Monday, October 03, 2005

Characters, Turning Points, and writing

I've decided I've charted myself to death and am going to start writing the darn book! I know my characters, I just don't know how to fill out the charts! And the people who do, can have them!

I am taking my heroine from wanting to die at the beginning of the book, to wanting eternal life to help the people she was running from in the beginning. That's growth.

And the Hero goes from arrogant and manipulative to humble and supportive. Again that's growth. So why do I need a chart!

I know some of the scenes, turning points, and the end. And have researched the time I'm writing about and am ready to go! So - I am putting all the charts in my notebook and moving on to write!


Anonymous said...
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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Go, Paty!

Doing one last read through on my book, getting it ready to send out (got a full request on it already!) and will *hopefully* get to start the new wip tomorrow.

I say toss the charts. But then, that's me - and everyone knows I'm a pantster. LOL

Danita Shattuck said...

Good for you Paty!

Write that damn good book!!
(And then let me read it....)