Wallowa Non-Profit Nez Perce

Oregon Nimiipuu

VISION STATEMENT:  Our vision is to create a healthy community where our families have the opportunity to live a vibrant life re-established in our ancestral homeland in NE Oregon, re-connected with our traditional horse culture.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to invite all people to join in re-discovering the OREGON Nimiipuu -descendants of the Wallowa Band of Chief Joseph, in our ancestral homeland. Our goals include:
Ø completing a horseback journey retracing our ancestors footsteps in 1877 on the historic Nimiipuu trail from Wallowa to Bear’s Paw in Montana, to bring renewed awareness of our continued struggle to return home.
Ø continuing our work using the horse to educate our youth, and re-establish trails for seasonal travel to traditional campsites
Ø  re-establishing cultural sites to teach traditional skills,  cultural values, and language in a hands-on environment
Ø developing a program that works in conjunction with Treatment Centers to offer a safe, outdoor, traditional environment for recovering addicts/alcoholics upon graduation
Ø seeking discovery and repatriation of ancestral remains of those who died due to the 1877 war
Ø working to create and develop economic opportunities that include an apprenticeship program, guided horseback and hiking trips, and retail co-operatives to provide for the self-perpetuation of our people in our homeland.

When making decisions for “Oregon Nimiipuu”, the board, staff and volunteers will be accountable for and conscious of the following:

            We value healthy human relationships; treating one another with respect, forgiveness, compassion, patience, and kindness.

            We act ethically, with integrity and honesty, keeping our commitments.

            We engage in constructive and honest communication; seeking first to understand and then to be understood.

            We offer an environment that is physically, emotionally and spiritually safe.

            We make decisions based upon what provides the best end result for the future of our community.

            We maintain a passionate, optimistic message.

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