Halsey Brother Series

Marshal in Petticoats
(Halsey Series Book 1)
When a down-on-its-luck mining town makes Darcy Duncan marshal after she shoots a bank robber, she puts every effort into helping the town. Her accident-prone nature makes the task difficult as well as throws her into the arms of an unsuspecting drifter.

All Gil Halsey wants is to bring back the boss’s son and secure the foreman job on a large cattle ranch.  He’s been running from his past and has finally found a place to settle. That is until a scrawny greenhorn marshal turns out to be an enticing, young woman who lures him from his path.

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Review: For a trip back to the raw, wild days of the silver and gold rushes, with a bit of romance thrown in for added effect, this book is perfect.  ~ Charissa Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Outlaw in Petticoats
(Halsey Series Book 2)

Maeve Loman has had her heart crushed before; she isn't about to have it happen again.  When she takes Zeke Halsey up on his offer to help her discover the truth about her father, she's sure she can control her traitorous body and not fall for the man's considerable charms.

Zeke Halsey has wanted Maeve Loman since he first set eyes on the prickly schoolteacher. Even as she thwarts his advances, he sees the desire burning in her eyes.  He knows she feels abandoned and uses bravado to keep people at arm’s length. Offering to help her find her father, he hopes to prove he’s not going anywhere.

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Review: With its spunky heroine and interesting plot, Outlaw In Petticoats is an enjoyable read.  Night Owl Romance

Miner in Petticoats
(Halsey Series Book 3)

Shouldering the burdens of his family and the mining community, Ethan Halsey devotes himself to providing for his brothers’s growing families.

However, Aileen Miller, a widow, also looking out for her family’s interests, refuses to part with the land he needs. As they battle- one to push his dream to reality and the other to prove no man will hurt her again- their lives become enmeshed and their hearts collide.

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Review: "I adored the chemistry...their relationship was finger tingling...unpredictable plot..." Love Western Romance  Reviewer 

Doctor in Petticoats
(Halsey Series Book 4)
After a life-altering accident and a failed relationship, Dr. Rachel Tarkiel gave up on love and settled for a life healing others as the physician at a School for the Blind. She's happy in her vocation--until handsome Clay Halsey shows up and inspires her to want more.
Blinded by a person he considered a friend, Clay curses his circumstances and his limitations. Intriguing Dr. Tarkiel shows him no pity, though. To her, he's as much a man as he ever was. Can these two wounded souls conquer outside obstacles, as well as their own internal fears, and find love?

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Review: "characters are multifaceted and quickly captivated my interest. They were dynamic people who allowed the story to develop effortlessly. I absolutely couldn’t put the book down." TRS review

Logger in Petticoats
(Halsey Series Book 5)

Hank Halsey believes he’s found the perfect logging crew—complete with cooks—until he discovers Kelda Nielson would rather swing an axe than flip eggs. As he sets out to prove women belong in the kitchen, he’s the one in danger of getting burned.

Strong and stubborn, Kelda Nielsen grew up falling trees, and resents any man who believes she’s not capable, until Hank. He treats her like a lady and has her questioning what that means.

As Kelda and Hank’s attraction builds, she hires a cook so she can sneak out and work in the woods. But will her deceit ruin her chance at love or will hardheaded Hank realize it’s more than his love that puts a sparkle in Kelda’s eye?

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Laying Claim
(Halsey Homecoming Book 1)

Jeremy Duncan commits to haul one last load of supplies across the great interior of the Yukon before heading home. But, he has to trade his pack animals for sled dogs and leave Skagway in the middle of a blizzard due to one strong-willed, business-minded beauty.

Determined to find her older brother, Clara Bixbee doesn’t care how she gets across the pass, as long as she does, and soon. Hiring handsome pack guide Jeremy Duncan seems to be her best choice. Especially after she saves a young girl being beaten by the local gang leader and needs to escape Skagway fast.

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Print ISBN 9781940064406

Staking Claim
(Halsey Homecoming Book 2)

Deceit, contradictions, and lies.
On a ship bound for America, Colin Healy encounters a contradictory woman, whose beauty and grace intrigue him.

Livie Leatherby boards the ship as an imposter to get the information she needs to save her family. Befriending Sir Colin Healy is easy with his chivalrous tendencies. But she soon realizes discovering his past marks him for death.

Forced together to stay one step ahead of the Lord set on killing Colin for his estate, can these two get beyond the lies and deceit that has brought them together before one or the other meets their demise?

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Print ISBN 9781940064468

Gambling on an Angel

Letha Harrison and her younger sister are following their mother's dying request to reunite their family that was separated by the violence of their abusive, alcoholic father. Now they must survive in a lawless town as they search for their brother. When Letha meets Bas Slocum, she's finally found a man she can trust—or can she?

Saloon owner Bas Slocum keeps everyone at a distance. A lonely childhood and later scrapes with the law have hardened his heart to love. The only thing he cares about is his saloon—until he meets an angel wearing a Temperance ribbon. Letha Harrison touches his soul in a way he never thought possible, but now he must hide the one thing he’s proud of—or lose his angel.
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Print ISBN 978-1-940064-14-7

Improper Pinkerton

 An impetuous Pinkerton agent is out to prove to a righteous US Marshal that she's the best "man" to complete the assignment and the only "woman" who can capture his heart.

Mae Simon is on her first assignment as a Pinkerton operative and determined nothing will stand in her way of accomplishing her task. When the simple assignment turns into a murder and kidnapping, she has to stop hiding behind her disguises and trust a man she’s betrayed.

U. S. Marshal Beck Harlan can’t afford to befriend anyone. Not with a vengeance seeking outlaw killing off his intimate acquaintances. Yet, he falls hard for the French prostitute he talks into being an informant, not realizing she is a Pinkerton operative after the same man.

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For a Sister's Love

Lorelei and Maggie Holmes make a desperate vow to reunite after an Indian raid on their wagon train leaves them orphans. Eight-year-old Lorelei is taken in by an impoverished family headed to a Colorado mining town and ten-year-old Maggie finds herself on the way to Portland, Oregon to live with a woman widowed during the Indian attack.

Ten years later, Lorelei’s adoptive father gambles away her birth mother’s locket and her only connection to her lost sister. Believing she needs the locket and to find Maggie, she sets out after the gambler and ends up in the company of a citified lawyer searching for the same man.

While cleaning a hotel room, Maggie discovers her mother’s locket in the possession of a gambler. Fear for her sister increases Maggie's determination.  Never one to give up, she dogs the gambler until he agrees to help her find her sister.
Two sisters, two adventures, will they find one another or will the men helping them be their destinies?
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