Tuesday, December 27, 2005

C-a-n Y-o-u S-a-y S-l-o-w-?

Sheesh! Ever since the phone line was out for three days I can only get about 24 KPBS when I hook to the internet and the slowness is driving me crazy!!!

Well I'm biting the bullet this week and sending a partial to Harlequin Historical and to Harlequin Superromance. I'm also sending a partial and query of the paranormal out. If nothing else in 2006 the editors will be sick of my stuff crossing their desks!

My plan is to have the contemporary done by April and then get the second of the paranormal done by July. We'll see what happens.

My web designer also e-mailed and said he will be working on my site this week, so hopefully it will be up and rolling by the end of the week, because I sent Christmas Cards to all the editors and agents who in the past have given me a nice rejection letter. So if they go looking for me on the internet, I'm hoping my site is up and running. I have blurbs of the 3 latest books and am hoping to get the first chapter of each one up on the site as well.

Better go feed the starving animals. And I mean animals and not kids.

It was a bummer of a Christmas here. You can't have Christmas without kids around! It sucked! I was depressed all day. We kept busy by putting a roof on our front porch, but I missed the excitement and enthusaism of kids! We are either going somewhere next year or having the kids come here! I don't care how many cows are calving!

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Christy said...

It was kinda a bummer Christmas here too Mom. Hopefully if all goes well, we will be in the area next year!!