Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's quiet - very quiet

You can sure tell it's Nationals week for RWA! My e-mail hasn't been this quiet in - a year! LOL Since last year during nationals!

I've been working on a press release for my book signing in Central Oregon, getting my copyright paper work done, and learning there is a whole lot to getting a book published that I thought other people took care of! Well, maybe they do at big publishing houses, but at e-book publishers they don't. I'm thinking Chris and I will do a duo presentation on e-book publishing vs standard publishing at the RWA meeting in September. We both thought our books would be ready for a book signing is Sept. and now both our houses say we may want to wait until October! So now I have to go back to the book store and ask if we can change the date. I knew it was jumping the gun, but Chris wanted me to get dates so she could get dates in the Salem area. Oh, well, I guess we live and learn.

I haven't jumped back into the spirit trilogy, because I won't have time after today to get any writing done for at least two weeks. And while I was in Alaska I couldn't get my head in the Nez Perce way of life. It's funny how atomosphere can make such an impression on a person. (get the hint) The atmosphere you create in a book will either draw the reader in, repluse the reader, or make the book one they want to throw against the wall. A book is more than the characters, it is the atmosphere(setting) and the believable plot. As I get older I get wiser. Now to use my words and create a world the reader doesn't want to leave.

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