Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gambling On An Angel

I have release dates! Gambling On An Angel will be in digital format on 11/17,2006 and in print on 01/12/2007. I've decided not to get too excited and jump the gun like I did with the first book. When I have the second one in my hands, then I will start setting up book signings. I don't want to go through the panic I did the first time around wondering if the books would make it in time for signings I set up.

Also, my daughter is working on my website. After I spent $$ to get it made and set up, she has since learned how to do websites and has revamped her own, and is now making mine more inviting since she felt my lacked - charisma! LOL I'm excited having her do it as she knows me and what I like as well as has design training and puts together some cool stuff.

When she has it all perfected, I'll let you all know in my blog. I've been busily writing up new news and home page stuff to make my site more personable (since reading in Donna's blog at the Mid-Willamette Valley chapter blog that she likes author's blogs to be more personable and tell about the author and how they come up with their books).


Lisa Pulliam said...

Yay! That's great news :-)

Donna's post was very helpful. I'm going to incorporate some of her tips into my site.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Congrats! I bet that feels awesome.