Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I totally forgot this was a blog day until I looked at the MWVRWA blog and it said "Wednesday". So here I am, writing and trying to think of what to talk about.

It's frosty here this morning! Everything a sparkly white. We had fog so thick yesterday, I couldn't check for new calves until mid morning.

Yes, I'm rambling. Not much happening on the writing front. I've been editing and not having a chance to write. Which is frustrating because the characters keep dancing through my head, wanting to get on with their lives. Yes, for those of you who aren't writers, our characters spend a lot of time in our (writer's) heads. And it's not just until the book is done. I've had characters come back to me after a book is published and say, why didn't you have me do this? So you see even when a book is done, it is never truly done. As you grow as a writer you realize- I could have done that differently, or why didn't I use this word or phrase?

And the characters are always in your head, just like family and friends. It's no wonder so many writers in the past have gone crazy! If you don't get out and meet other writers and realize you aren't the only person with this village of characters in your head, you could go crazy. And that's why I love my RWA chapter. It is a group of people with like neuroses!

If you are a reader- what character(s) from books have stayed in your head until long after you put the book down? And if you're a writer- what character still haunts you? One you've written or haven't written?


Danita Cahill said...

I'm a reader and a writer.

So, as a reader, the characters who stay in my head are the flawed people. The ones who seem real. The ones who I'd want to be friends with, or who seem like me. Or the cruel ones, or the metally ill ones -- the list goes on. Any character who is skillfully brought to life by their writer are the ones who stay with me. Now, to just figure out how to do that myself...

As a writer, all my characters stay with me. I love to write about quirky, small town bit characters. I think it helps bring a town to life.

How many calves so far?

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I'm both. Many of Johanna Lindsey's characers, the Mallory brothers, James and Tony, have stayed with me since I first read them.

For my own, sometimes a character just takes over. Raz Colt, my western hero, just barged right into the middle of one story and demanded his own. He still nags me even when I'm working on something else, I'll either dream about him or see something that reminds me of him. I think I'll be glad when I send him and his heroine off into the sunset, LOL. Maybe then he'll stop bugging me. But knowing him, he'll want a sequel *G*

Paty Jager said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping by! I love your quirky characters, Danita! And Nic, you know how to write a HOT hero!