Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday all over again...

This month- actually this year has flown by! I can't believe it's almost May already! Yet we are still having snow flurries and c-o-l-d weather. Brrr! Chasing cattle yesterday, I just about froze my lower limbs off. Of course if I'd listened to my dh and put my insulated coveralls on I would have been fine, but no- I was having hot flashes while making breakfast and figured those would keep me warm! Isn't it surprising how your body never works in your favor?

I'm attending a Reader's Luncheon being held in Portland, OR by the Rose City RWA chapter this Saturday. I dragged along a good friend to the event last year, and this year she kept bugging me about the date. So we are headed to the event on Friday. We'll watch her daughter coach a softball team on Friday and hit the luncheon on Saturday.

Attending authors are to bring a basket of goodies for one lucky person sitting at your table to win. But the other author at my table last year did a nice thing where she had something for everyone at the table. So I've been sewing little makeup type bags out of faux leather and putting a western snap on them. I'll put little goodies in each on and give them to the people at my table. That way everyone goes home with something.

That's my problem. I like giving things I've made which takes up time, but I hope people realize they are made from the heart. I love to give. speaking of giving, everyone should check out Brenda Novak's online auction for Juvenile Diabetes next month. Lots of authors and the publishing industry have donated some awesome things to this wonderful cause. And if you check it all out, you'll see a handmade tote and goodies from me.

Have a wonderful week!

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL on the hotflashes not keeping you warm.

Yes, the year has really flown by!

Oh, btw... I tagged you! You're it, girlfriend!!