Monday, February 16, 2009

Yep, I'm going multiple personalities!

Good Monday morning all! Today, I'm over at Elizabeth L'Inconnu's blog talking about how I like to use historical trivia in my stories. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I'm at the Cactus Rose blog, revealing some bank robber history about the country where I grew up.

And tomorrow I'm excited to dig into some research for my current WIP. I've been stalled because I need some factual info to move the story along. In the interim I've been working on a story for a Christmas Anthology and another author asked me to join her in authoring a book about two sisters adopted by two different families when their parents are killed on the way to Oregon in the 1800's. It is going to be a fun challenge.

The hardest part about working on so many projects at once is keeping the secondary characters and even sometimes the main characters in their perspective stories! I know with the Halsey brother series, there are times I type the wrong brother's name. Then I have to stop and make sure I'm thinking like Clay and not Gil or Zeke, or Ethan! They may be brothers with a strong physical resemblance, but they are each an individual, and I have to make sure I keep them that way.

Have you ever read a series and thought the main characters could have been cloned?


Helen Hardt said...

You sound as busy as I am ;).

wavybrains said...

I love Lori Foster, but a few of her "brother" series have had clones as heroes. Lovely, yummy clones, but still clones. Ditto Shannon McKenna. Love them both, but some variety is always nice. Linda Lael Miller has had a few clones as well, but she usually manages some differences.

Lauri said...

You are busy! The sister book sounds fun. :)

I know what you mean about keeping brothers straight.

I've read some where the characters are too much alike, therefore, I like to read series a few books apart from each other.

Have fun!

Paty Jager said...

Yes, Helen, I think I am as busy as you!

Wavy, Thanks for dropping by!

Lauri, You and I have a thing for brother series, don't we? LOL