Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Modge Podge

Sorry this post is late.  Found out yesterday that someone is coming to look at the house this weekend while we're camping so besides loading up the vehicle I also had to clean and stage the house.  The house wasn't filthy but I wanted things to shine and it to be inviting.

This past week was a modge podge of farmerly duties. We've been working at a leak in the main line irritation pipe. Still haven't stopped the leak. I've been telling my hubby we need to put a new piece in, he's insisting we can stop the leak.. stay tuned for what we end up doing.

After we  took three cull cows to the auction on Monday we shuffled the cattle and the four steers we're holding for some people. We put our daughter's old horse in a pasture with grass up to his knees while the easy keepers, Bud, George and Sunny are dry lotted. They stand at the fence staring out at Henry chomping away on green grass.

We have Cori and Myrtle along with their calves in a pasture by the lane that requires my packing water to their trough. The calves are growing  and by keeping them all separate the Cori, the tame one, is calming Myrtle down.

We had some pretty good rain storms this week which enabled me to stay home rather than run to Princeton to start the solid hand line. Which I'm very thankful for, because I really wasn't looking forward to traveling three hours there and three hours back. That would have been six hours wasted.

This weekend we're off to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday with a family camp out and fishing trip. See you on Monday!


squiresj said...

So you and your Dad share the same birthday month. So did my Dad and me - March. My youngest daughter and husband share the same day. The 5th daughter turned 26 and husband 65.
Happy Birthday whatever day it is.
I am like you. Every birthday is to be celebrated and to be thankful you get to celebrate another one.
jrs632 at hotmail dot com

JackieW said...

Hope you have a Happy Birthday....June is my birth month too...June I"m a Gemini. Always enjoy visiting your's so colorful and I love how the bookcovers are shown. Have fun. cute pic of the donkey/burro.

joye said...

I am celebrating my birthday this coming week too so Happy Birthday to us. Enjoyed the visit
JWIsley(at) aol(dot)com

Lainey said...

We started celebrating family birthdays got my brother on the 1st, a niece on the 5th and the next is next weekend on the 17th. Then to top it off e have a wedding shower for niece tomorrow and her wedding the 23rd so have a great birthday and celebration month yourselves. I cannot wait to read your latest out looks great.
laineslite(at) gmail dot com

Paty Jager said...

Squiresj, My dad and I don't have the same month. His birthday was actually in May but the family couldn't all get together until this weekend. It seems you have been to my website! Awesome! Thank you for joining the monthly contest.

Jackie, Hey! Good to see you over here and why do I not find it a surprise to find you commenting? And Happy early birthday. You do know all wonderful people are born in June. ;) Thanks! George is very photogenic. Much more than I am.

Joye another person I'm not surprised to see popping in here. I see you are all reading the contest info on my website. Yes! Happy Birthday to you! Maybe you'll get a late birthday gift if I pull your name out of the cowboy hat at the end of the month.

Hi Lainey! Wow your June looks kind of like mine! Lots of birthdays and goings on. Thank you for following the website contest to here. When you finish Spirit in the Sky, let me know what you think.