Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gearing up for Colorado

I'm making my first trek to Colorado in June and I'll be driving it solo. I'm excited and scared. Excited to see some country I haven't seen and hopefully feel brave enough to stop along the way and see sites.

When I drive alone, I tend to lock myself in the car and only stop for rest areas and food. I don't think I give off an aura of a scardy cat who would make an easy mark, but I tend to prefer not going to unknown places alone. Weird when you consider I love living out in the boonies all alone but then there aren't other people milling around either.

My plan is to make it to Colorado Springs in two days, making note of places I'd like to visit on the return trip. Then after the brunch on Sunday, I'll get  in the car and drive to either a site I wanted to see or a place to spend the night and work my way home stopping to take in the scenic wonders and interesting historical places.

If you happen to know any interesting places to check out between Oregon and Colorado, let me know.

Right now I'm putting together "survival tins" using Isabella Mumphrey's survival tin as a proto type. Only these tins, which the attendees at the conference will receive, are a domestic survival tin with band aid, chocolate, emery board, wet one, antibiotic, Advil, and such items.

I am also donating several gift baskets to the various events at the conference I am hosting. What I'm looking forward to is the Cowboy Corral event. Half a dozen authors pitched in and ordered a male model to come dressed as a cowboy for the attendees to get their photos taken with. Should be a fun event!

A romance bingo event I'm hosting will be fun as well with lots of prizes donated by the participating authors.

Looking forward to meeting and visiting with readers and catching up with some author friends.


bn100 said...

Sounds like fun. Happy travels!

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