Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bovine Three Musketeers

There is nothing as comical or frustrating as a gang of calves. Yep, you heard right, a gang of calves. We have a trio that can find more mischief than any we've had before.

This trio was born mid-summer to the three cows we call the midget herd. The mother cows are all a bit on the small side. Two of them my hubby purchased thinking they were young and would grow more only to discover they were pregnant and older than he thought. These are called Milker( and actually was purchased from us and named by our grandson Zane) and Myrtle. Then hubby bought Cori a Corriente cow that has quite the personality but is smaller in stature than our beef cows. The three cows had their calves later than our herd then bred back and ended up having this second batch of calves several months before the beef herd.
The three calves and Milker

The three musketeers are about two months old and finding they can go under the hotwire fence we have around the pasture. Many a morning as hubby leaves for work they are coming down 41st street back to the pasture looking like they've been out all night carousing. One morning when I walked to the barn to feed the horses, they came scurrying out of the shed with the tractors acting like they were up to something. They ran in a circle then jumped through a spot by the gate that they must have knocked down a board. The neighbor said they were over by his house and he waved his arms and shouted, "Get out of here!" and they acted just like kids running into each other, kicking up their heels, and skedaddling.

When I walk through the pasture to get to the cows now calving, the three musketeers always watch me and follow Tink. They think she's interesting.

One this is for sure when there are animals there is always entertainment!

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