Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a Weekend!

Hubby and I went to our property in Princeton on Wednesday night. We'd ordered cement to be delivered Thursday and Friday morning.

shop floor poured
Thursday morning the delivery was shortly before nine. But we were ready. I pulled on my rubber boots as the truck came lumbering down the driveway. Hubby showed him the shop that we'd built a cement frame around half the floor space and the frame we built for my 12' x 16' tack room.

The man who delivered the cement wasn't very talkative, much to my hubby's dismay(he's a chatter), but he knew cement and pulled on rubber boots to help us spread the gray mixture out level in the frame. Hubby and I seesawed a long board back and forth, sloshing the mix down and making a smooth top as the cement man pushed more in front of the board where it looked shallow. Once that was all spread even, he drove to the smaller frame and poured the last of the cement into my tack room floor. We spread that out, and as the man left and hubby went to float the shop floor, I used a trowel to smooth out the edges of the tack room.
Tack room and porch

Friday, a different man brought the cement. He was late and went to our neighbor instead of us. He finally arrived. I believe he had too much coffee. He talked fast, moved fast, and made us feel like we had to move faster. Afterwards hubby and I were dismayed that we'd let the man's rushed attitude make us not do as good a job of smoothing out the second part of the cement. He also mixed the cement wetter and it didn't float as well. But we had enough left over to finish the floor of a small shed and to make a porch on my tack room.

House will sit on the dirt in front of Stegosaurus Peak
Saturday, we worked on the house pad. Our goal is to get the foundation and frame started in the spring, so we want the pad to sit over the winter and pack.  I'm happy with the posts we put in to simulate the house and garage. The views are all going to be fabulous.  In the afternoon, when the pivot made it to one of the stopping posts, the pump was turned off. WE drained and blew out the pipes to the cabin, drained the pivot, and drained the pump. No more running water at the cabin until Spring.

Looking down on the house pad-view east
Everything in Princeton is winterized and we came home and did the same to the irrigation equipment here. And it good time. It is cold, rainy and they say we could get snow.

Are you winterized?

House pad-view south

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