Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rawhide 'N Roses with Charlene Raddon

            Thank you, Paty, for having me here today and giving me a chance to talk about Rawhide ‘n Roses, and my short story, Marrying Jenna.
            I love the title of this western romance anthology. Rawhide denotes so well the masculinity of our male characters, while what could be more feminine than a rose? In my story, Marrying Jenna, to present my hero and heroine with these qualities. Branch McCauley is tough, rough, and downright deadly, when he needs to be, but inside there’s a softness that is what ensnares Jenna’s heart. He’s a caring, giving man, a perfect match for Jenna’s gentle female emotions. Yet their relationship does not exactly proceed perfectly.
            Marrying Jenna is a sequel to my book, released in January, Taming Jenna, in which the readers first meets Jenna and Branch. Jenna is a Pinkerton, Branch a bounty hunter, and they are both after the same outlaw. In the book, Jenna mistakes Branch as her quarry, and he doesn’t take too well to having a woman get the drop on him. After all, he has a huge reputation he must do justice to, and this interfering woman sure doesn’t help. His efforts to get even with her go awry and she simply walks away.
            And so the story goes, with Jenna one-upping Branch, and him doing his best to teach her a lesson and tame her at the same time. He finally succeeds, sort of, by the end of the book, and wins her heart. He’d lost his to her long ago.
            Marrying Jenna is about their wedding day, which, like so many of the events in the book, does not go according to plan. It begins with Branch looking out the window and anticipating his wedding night, only to see Jenna tearing out of town on her horse in her wedding gown, gun belt, boots and Stetson.
            You’ll have to read the story to find out where she’s going and why, and whether the wedding takes place or not.
            On a different topic, many people have asked me about creating the cover for Rawhide ‘n Roses. Was it a chore, with fifteen other authors putting in their two cents worth and wanting the cover done their way? Yes, but it was also a huge amount of fun. I love creating covers almost as much as I love writing. To those who have known me all my life, this wouldn’t be much of a surprise. My major in college was fine arts, and I was always doing something creative in a variety of mediums. I’m sure the thing that would drive me crazy, should I be locked up in a prison, would be the inability to be creative. Above the door to my office at home is a sign a friend gave me that says, “I will live badly if I do not write”, but it could as easily say “I will live badly if I am not creative.”    
            After growing up in Southern California, I moved to Utah dreaming the of watercolor landscapes I could create here, an exciting prospect for a woman who was used to seeing little more than concrete, houses, businesses and the ocean. Seascapes were not my thing. I never dreamed I would end up doing my painting with words rather than paint. But I’ve never regretted that little zigzag in my road. So many authors I meet grew up dreaming of writing. Not me. What about you? Has life taken you down a road you never imagined?

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