Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rone Award

Laying Claim the latest book in the Halsey Brothers Series is up for the RONE award due to it's 4 star review.  This is what the reviewer had to say:

"The scenes are descriptive and paint vivid pictures that have the reader experiencing the biting cold of the blizzard, the perils of the journey, and the palpable sexual tension between the protagonists. There are sensual, slightly graphic sex scenes that are sigh worthy, and twists and turns that keep the adventure going. This is a very entertaining read that delivers excitement, romance, and a happily ever after, all wrapped up in a very good story!"

Here's a little bit about how the story came to be: 

At the end of Logger in Petticoats, I set up the possibility of continuing the Halsey saga with younger members of the cast, by mentioning Jeremy, Darcy’s younger brother, had gone to Alaska to seek his fortune.

Readers asked for more of the Halseys and I complied by starting the Halsey Homecoming Trilogy. With Laying Claim being the first of the trilogy. Since I'd set the stage with the mention of Alaska, I did my research and decided the timing for the Yukon Stampede would fit in the timeline and make for an exciting time researching and for a story.

The wonderful things I discovered about the time played well to set up my story. The first winter the hoards of gold seekers arrived in Skagway was also a winter that dumped lots of snow and froze most of the rivers. It was more brutal than most. This helped to not only bring my hero and heroine closer but to add more dangers to their trip. 

If you've read the book and enjoyed it I would appreciate your vote. The books that win this reader round then go on to be read by librarians and book stores for the final judging. Thanks!

The voting closes on March 16th. Laying Claim is in the Historical category and you do have to register to vote. 

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