Sunday, July 06, 2014

Moving isn't for Sissies!

We are moved! Mostly. The house is cleaned out and most of our belongings are stored in the tack room we built a few months ago. It broke my heart (not) to have to get rid of the two old recliners and the sectional. We didn't have room in the tack room so we gave the to family and thrift stores. This means I can purchase new chairs and a sofa when the house is finished.

Tack room we filled with our belongings
There are still some outside things, farm equipment, that needs moved but we are settled into the 260 sq. ft. cabin. We've started all the permit processes to get the house built. Power company has visited and marked where power poles will go, the septic has been approved, we've contacted and given our house plans to a contractor to do the farming, and we've found a person to take care of the foundation.

Site where the house is going
This week we should start moving dirt and see some progress.

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