Saturday, October 18, 2014

Not as Young as I Use to Be

My hubby and I built a house together twelve years ago. At the time he had a 7-5 job and I was still trying to get published.  During the day while he was at his day job, I'd take care of the chores(we had cattle then) write in the morning, and go to the new house and either do clean up(from the night before) or paint, or lay tile or do whatever job I could. I'd go back to the mobile home and make dinner. Hubby would come home eat, and then we'd go work on the new house until 11pm or midnight. And get up the next day and do it all over again. That house was larger, two-story, and more daunting than the one we are building now.

But this time he doesn't have a job that is so demanding. He's the manager of an alfalfa ranch across the fence from us and right now it takes up very little of his time. So he has all day to work on our new house. And I am a published author and need my computer time to either write, get books uploaded, or take care of promotion. So he works on the house all day and I join him at noon and we work till dinner and call it quits.

We're finding in between the twelve years that we last did this task, we have both slowed down. We still have grand dreams, it just takes longer to get them done!

Those of you who read my last blog, the buffet is still in need of my attention to make it into a vanity. It's not from my not wanting to work on it, it's from a lack of place to do the work. The garage door hasn't arrived yet and that is where I'll have to do the magic. So until the garage door arrives and I can get to work on the vanity, I'm staining the wood front and back doors and painting the fascia on the house. Soon I'll start staining the tongue and groove that will go on the vaulted ceiling. There is always something to do when building a house.

Stay tuned. I'll be starting the walk-in shower project this weekend and will give you step by step photos as that progresses.

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