Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 The Year of Change

I started 2014 with the idea to go back to my first love and write mysteries. And I have two ready to publish in 2015. January and February to be exact. In January when I asked my hubby to take me some place warm for a week or two we wound up in Alaska visiting your kids. Surprisingly, it was warmer in Alaska than in Oregon.

In March, our neighbor in Princeton called and asked if we'd sell our property with a pivot. He had a dairy farmer interested in his three pivots and they wanted ours as well. We didn't want to sell our Princeton property, we wanted to sell our house in Redmond.

April the same neighbor called and said he'd recommended my husband to manage his three pivots if the dairy bought them. The dairy people wanted to meet with him. While I was attending writing related business in Portland, hubby met with the dairy people. At the meeting they said they liked the way he thought and his knowledge about alfalfa and pretty much gave him the job on the spot even though the sale of the property hadn't gone through.

May arrived and so did a family interested in our Redmond property. After so many, Lookie Lou's we weren't expecting anything. When the offer came in we were glad they hadn't tried to low ball our asking price too much. We dickered back and forth and the next thing we knew we had to be out of our Redmond house by July 1st.

The dairy sale was still pending but hubby took a leap of faith and left his job in Redmond. We had all of June to move his farm equipment and sell a lot of scrap metal and get our household belongings moved into the tack room we'd built early spring.

July 1st we started living in a 200 sq. foot cabin and began breaking ground to build our house.

After so many years of writing nearly every day, I've had to catch a few hours here and there to keep the promotion and publishing side of my writing going. But I'm happy with the direction my writing is going with mysteries.
It took all of August to get all the concrete poured for the foundation, garage, and patios. September the walls went up and hubby and I have been working on it constantly since. We hope to get in shortly after the new year and start 2015 in a new place.

I hope the new year brings you happiness and takes you in the direction you've been wanting to go.



Rain Trueax said...

I have loved following your pictures and hearing how your home was progressing. I think it's so neat to have a dream like that and make it real. Congratulations as your home looks fantastic.

Paty Jager said...

Rain, I'm glad you are enjoying the building of our house. I'm getting antsy to get in and get back to writing.

karla eakin said...

hope you get to move in soon. i know you will be feeling more like yourself when you can get your routine back. 2015 will hold lots of fun, adventure, and happiness for all of us.