Monday, March 30, 2015

Things I learned for Book Three #cozymystery

While writing book three of the Shandra Higheagle Mystery series, Deadly Aim, I needed a little bit of help with cop stuff, bullets, and even some medical things. It's nice to have a law enforcement member in the family, a family member who trained to be an EMT, and writerly connections. 

I asked about a county detective using flashing lights on his car.
AnswerThey are only supposed to be used for emergencies, however, if it was a sensitive case and evidence could possibly be destroyed I could see them being used in that case to get people out of their way and make better time to preserve evidence.

My question: If a shot gun with buckshot is shot into the air would it come raining back down and how long before the shot would come back down?
AnswerYes and it would probably be within 20 to 30 seconds max. 

QuestionWhat is the procedure for a county detective to get a warrant?  How long does it take? 
Answer:For a residence we have to have probable cause which is facts or circumstances that would lead a reasonable and prudent person to believe that a crime has been or is being committed. Basically it's 51% chance that a person more like you're not did something wrong. To get a warrant, the law-enforcement officer would have to write an affidavit to the court detailing the circumstances of his case and why he believes he has probable cause to search a specific person place or thing. The affidavit would go in front of the District Attorney's Office for review commonly, and then be looked at by a judge who would either sign it or not.

Regards to previous question:  What's the average length of time does it take from the time you write up the affidavit until the warrant is given? 
Answer:As soon as it's written you can get it signed then have up to fives days to execute it. Most warrants take a couple hours to write and get signed. Some longer than others depending on case

Medical question was about using the defibrillator. I had the doctor say stand back. I was informed they are trained to say, "All Clear." I also asked a fellow author who is a doctor is the body really does jerk when the defibrillator is used. Her answer: "Yes." 

I also had a question about a .30-06 hunting rifle. 
QuestionMy murder victim was shot in the heart with a hunting rifle(shooting elk). What would be the caliber? Or what would the forensic call the size etc.  of the bullet. And would it be discernible after animals had eaten on the body?
Answer:A 30-06 is common. Its a 30 caliber diameter hole. Bullets would stay in tact for the most part and could remain in carcasses. They would be identifiable. 

And I asked thisIs there a difference between wildlife cameras and surveillance cameras?
Specifically in how you view the footage.
Answer:If your talking of surveillance cameras for wildlife offenses then yes usually.  Sometimes law enforcement uses fame cameras which anyone can view by looking at the sd card. We also have similar game cameras which also take an sd card but have password protection on the device. These two are the most common.  We also have cameras which are set off by motion sensors, seismic sensors or infrared sensors which are commonly buried or camouflaged as well as the recorder. These cameras save to sd cards as well which can also be viewed in a computer. 

Those questions and answers helped me write Deadly Aim which is now available in ebook. 

Passion… Secrets… Murder...
The dead body of an illicit neighbor and an old necklace send potter Shandra Higheagle on a chase to find a murderer. Visions from her dead grandmother reveals Shandra is on the right path, but the woods are full of obstacles—deadly ones.

Detective Ryan Greer believes Shandra’s dreams will help solve the mystery, but he also knows the curious potter could get herself killed. He’s determined that won’t happen.

Until he’s blind-sided. Are Shandra’s powers strong enough to save them both, or will the murderer strike again?

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