Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Spanish Mustang

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This week I ran across a book titled: Mustang! Saddle Training I. In this book was an article about Preserving the Spanish Mustang.

We have Kiger mustangs in this area. The article on Spanish mustangs caught my attention. Here are some of the stats.

Appearance: smooth-bodied, attractive, well-balanced, long as opposed to bunchy muscles, short back, medium to narrow deep chest, long, full manes and tails.
Height: 13 to 15.1 hands
Weight: 700-1000 pounds
Legs: well-set under, flexible, dense bone, springy pasterns, small and hard hooves.
Head: lean and angular, strong jowl, small muzzle and shallow mouth, medium inward tipping ears often outlined in dark color.
Gaits: most have the usual 3 gaits, but some inherit a lateral pace, or various degrees of a fox trot.
Color: every color in teh horse world, including the rare colors seldom seen, such as the medicine hat and the lavender roan, with some roans showing small dark spots called corning as in blue corn.
photo wikipedia
They are known for their endurance, intelligence, agility, alertness, and hardiness.

In 1957, Robert Brislawn who used the mustang to pack for him while he mapped out the western United States from 1911-1943, founded the Mustang Registry to help bring back the mustang. In the 1920's Brislawn knew the mustangs were becoming scarce. He decided they needed to be saved and spent 20 years traveling throughout the west looking for the purest Spanish mustangs to start a foundation herd.

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