Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Contrary Nag

I seem to be on a horse kick on the blog lately.

Horses eating around the "junk".
Today hubby and I set up gates, panels and fixed broken fences. The reason for all the fence mending and setting up was to be able to put the horses around hubby's farm equipment collection.  That's what he calls it. I call it junk. ;)
We want the horses to eat the cheat grass before it goes to head and causes problems for the dogs. And it will make the "junk" look better if there isn't tall grass and weeds growing around it.

As usual, Bud, my gelding walked right up to me and I put his halter on. Hubby tried to catch the matriarch of the group, but she wasn't going to have anything to do with us. Then he tried the youngest of the group, Lily. Because Annie the oldster was being a pill she balked too. Then hubby walked up to Jammer, who put her head down and waited for him to put the halter on. We led the two, plus George the burro following behind, to the new area. They went to eating right away.

Hubby was mad the other two didn't want to be caught. They were raising a ruckus wanting out, but he said they could stay there until after lunch.  He gave in and went down early. Lily came right up to him and he put her in the new pasture. Annie was still being a pill, so he left her in the corral.

Lily checking out the camera, Annie ignoring me. Jammer in the background
After being in the corral for four hours by herself, Annie nickered at me when I walked to the corral. I grabbed the halter, walked through the gate, and she stood in place, even dipping her head for the halter. I guess being left alone made her see the error of her ways.

I love the fact Bud and Jammer will come up to you or allow you to walk up to them and put a halter on. I hope Lily learns from them and not the old nag.

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