Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Horsein' Around- or should I say Burroin' around.

The grandkids are visiting again. I kept telling the horses they were coming, but I guess it didn't sink in until they had two ten (Joe and Andy) and one eleven your-old (Ruthie) brushing, kissing, and ducking under their  necks.

No matter how many times I said, "Stop! Where are you headed?" when they are walking too close behind a horse, they do it again in a few minutes. Their excitement to be around the horses and George the burro has them not paying attention.  Luckily the horses are used to them and the dogs.

Ruthie is tall enough she can put the small saddle on Annie and help lead the boys around when they have trouble with their horses. While we have four horses, Lily isn't ready for a kid to ride and I'm not climbing back on her after being bucked off twice last summer, until she's had some more under saddle training.

The first day only Ruthie and I rode. The boys were off shooting sage rats with Gramps. Jammer and Bud hadn't been ridden since last summer and were being uncooperative. I lunged Bud to get him to pay attention and follow directions. Then we left them saddled and tied up to think about it while we had lunch. After lunch we went back to the arena.  They did better. Still not stellar but were listening better.

Today everyone wanted to ride. We caught all four and tied them up. The kids brushed the horses while I doctored a scrape Jammer had on her back. We decided due to where the scrape was at the end of her back close to the rump where the saddle blanket might rub the kids would ride her bareback. Ruthie saddled up Annie. She led her around with Joe on her, while Andy rode Jammer. I saddled up Bud and worked a little with Lily.

I was going to let the three ride in the corral while I worked with Lily, so I had Ruthie get on Bud and I started to lead him around when George grabbed the lead rope and acted like he wanted to lead Bud. I wish I'd had my camera with me. It would have been a great photo. But I'd left it at the house.  

Me and Bud
Ruthie didn't feel comfortable riding Bud by herself, so I tied Lily back up and climbed on Bud. Annie followed Bud around the arena and Andy was doing a good job with Jammer. Those two got along good last summer.

George decided to lay down in the path we were taking around the arena. When we turned the horses around before getting to him he brayed as if to say, I was here to stop you, not turn you.

When one of the kids wasn't riding they were messing with George or letting him in and out of the corral gate. He is one bossy burro! But he has a fuzzy face you can't get mad with.

Hoping to take the kids and horses on a longer ride tomorrow outside of the corral.

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