Thursday, August 06, 2015

Hummingbird Wars

On my birthday a good friend gave me a hummingbird feeder for a gift. I was delighted. There had been several hummingbirds checking out my wind chimes no doubt looking for a feeder.

I found the recipe to make my own sugar water for the feeder and hung it up. It took a couple of days but they finally found the feeder. At first there was one littler bird that was tan with a yellowish breast.  Then a big taller but thinner one that was greenish with red on his wings arrived.

A week or so later we started seeing more and more and then one day...

All you know what broke loose!

We had hummingbirds chasing other hummingbirds. Some would sit on a weed down over the embankment and when another bird came to drink would chase it away. Then there were three or four that were chasing, knocking feathers off one another, and hiding up under the beam to attack whoever dared to drink from the feeder.

Hubby and I were nearly drawn into the ruckus when two birds in a chase,buzzed by our heads as we sat on the porch watching.

The wings whirr and the the one chasing screeches. It is comical and a bit unnerving at the same time.

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