Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Husband for Christmas

My newest Christmas novella, A Husband for Christmas, is now available in ebook only.

This story is the final story in the Halsey Brothers saga. While I feel sad that I'll not be writing any more Halsey stories, I am also happy. I'm ready to move on to a new historical western romance series. This new series won't be as constricting as the Halsey Brothers because each book will be a stand alone book. The title of the series and the premise that brings the hero and heroine together are the connecting factors.

A little about A Husband for Christmas.  I knew when I finished Claiming a Heart that I needed to write Shayla's story. Many readers after reading Staking Claim wanted to know what happened when Colin and Livie went back to England. Shayla's story brings everyone up-to-date on Colin and Livie and the rest of the Halsey family.

A Husband for Christmas 

Final Novella in the Halsey Homecoming and Halsey Brothers Series

Shayla Halsey wanted to be home for Christmas, but never imagined her travels would include spending the night in a brooding stranger’s cabin. Snowballing events cause her to look inside herself and recognize maybe it wasn’t being home she wanted as much as it was to have a home.
Mace Walker has his life in order and doesn’t want it disrupted again. Yet, when he discovers a woman stranded in the snow, he has to help her—despite her overbearing and reckless fiancĂ©. In a matter of days, Shayla turns his life upside down and forces him to decide if he should leave town or face the consequences. 

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