Friday, December 04, 2015

In My Writer Cave

This month is head down and get a book written. I've been having a wonderful time writing the first books in my new Historical Western Romance series, Letters of Fate.

The premise of this new series has to do with letters. Each hero in the book receives a letter that changes his life and brings him to the woman who steals his heart.  I like that I can set each book where ever I want and there are new characters in each book, so the series won't get old for me. It's kind of a like a mail order bride book, only the hero gets the letter than takes him across country and finding his spouse.

Some start out as marriages of convenience and some just bring the characters together and they make decisions when the sparks start flying. Much like the Halsey Series, these books will have different heat levels. For me each book's heat level is dictated by the characters. Some are steamy relationships and some are slow building with sweet new love.

I hope you come on this journey with me and the new series Letters of Fate. The first book will release in January. The tile is: Davis-Letters of Fate.  When I get a finished cover, I'll post a reveal here. This book is set in the Steens Mountains and deals with cattle ranching. I've been having a good time researching the local history. What fascinated me the most is the number of cattle that were driven from the Harney Valley area to Denver each year from 1878 to 1885. 30-40,000 head were taken to the rail head in Denver and shipped back east. That seems unreal when the population of the Harney Valley was less than a hundred people and most of those were the vaqueros and ranch hands working for the three big cattle ranchers.

Now you know some of what you'll learn about the history of SE Oregon in my upcoming book.

Do you enjoy reading about history in fiction books?

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