Monday, June 06, 2016

Catch a Clue - Find a New Author

Every Monday catch a clue about a new to you mystery, thriller, or suspense book or author. 

Authors: In comments give readers a five sentence passage from one of your books. 

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Readers enjoy finding new authors. 

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Courtney Pierce said...

INDIGO LAKE by Courtney Pierce
Laugh-out-loud mystery with three middle-age sisters

"Woody...our dispute was about Mom's book. It's irrelevant now and-"

He held up his hands. "Just a salad. And I could sure use a scotch."

"I can't..."

Woody's face slackened. In that instant Olivia recognized the power of her words, two murderous written words on a ruled-paper note that Della had described.

"Yes, Liv. You can."

Lauryn Christopher said...

"Listen very carefully, Harry: discrediting Whitfield's lab, destroying his work, and smearing his character are all covered by the original fee I quoted you. "Murder costs extra."
The voice on the other end of the line sputtered in reply.
I looked heavenward for a hint of respite, but was rewarded with nothing more than a view of recessed ceiling lights, decorative crown molding, and automated sprinkler nozzles. So I waited, perched on the corner of my desk, and alternated between gazing out the window at the Philadelphia skyline and studying my nails as I listened to Harry's ranting.
You never really know what you're getting into when you take on a new client.
There are times when I just don't know if they're worth the effort.

Conflict of Interest
Lauryn Christopher
Amazon, Nook, Kobo

Jeannie Hall said...

The idea of getting to know her better
ensnared him in its alluring grip. The barest hint of a smile played around her mouth, making him think reckless thoughts. What would she do if he kissed her right now? Belt him or lean in and enjoy it?

By Jeannie Hall
Romantic Thriller


Jeannie Hall said...


Libby Hellmann said...

Before my gangstah-rap neighbor emptied his AK-47 into his buddy, the most exciting thing to happen in our village was the opening of a new grocery store. The store hired a pianist who played Beatles tunes, no doubt to persuade shoppers to part with their money more easily. My neighbor, rapper King Bling, was helping his fans part with their money too, but the shooting ended all that. Once he made bail, he moved and hasn’t been heard from since.
And so it goes in my little corner of the North Shore, about twenty miles from downtown Chicago.

Libby Fischer Hellmann

Siera London said...
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Siera London said...

"Rebec—" Too late, Darwin realized her intentions, and for that, she was thankful. Rebecca Lynn leaned in close, angled her head, and covered his mouth with hers. The first touch of their lips sent a wave of sensation careening through her, like a tsunami, and Darwin's muscles tensed bracing for impact. She thought he would push her away. Instead, he captured her in an unbreakable hold and took full possession of their kiss.
Darwin took her mouth with a slow, deep hunger. His penetration was deliberate and thorough.

By Siera London
Romantic Suspense
Order here: < a href = > Website < / a >