Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Flea Market Fun

I spent three days over Memorial Weekend at the Sumpter, Oregon Memorial Flea Market. Author Mary Vine and I shared a booth where we sold our books and visited about writing and life. Mary and I had shared a booth at the same place last Labor Day weekend. After that fun-filled weekend we decided to give Memorial weekend a try.

The weather was warmer and drier this time than it was last September. We actually took off our coats and weren't huddled under blankets the whole time. ;)

The hightlights of the weekend were:

old-fashioned agitators
The seller next door to us had witty comebacks and tips for the people browsing his inventory of old things. Some were antiques and some were just old junk.

Mary making kissie noises to a cute dog that appeared alongside our tent and was followed on his leash by a hot guy. I still think she was making the kissing sound to the guy. LOL

An elderly gentleman who told us about his sighting of what could only be categorized as Big Foot on the Toll Gate pass.

A teenage girl looking for reading material because she had to spend the weekend with her brothers and cousins- all boys.

We visited with a young man who was interested in self-publishing a picture book. We gave him places to join to learn more about the process.

A young woman who just started teaching at a Christian school was excited to purchase Mary's children's book "The Big Guy Upstairs". 

Sharing the stories behind the books with avid readers.

Not sure if I'll make the Labor Day weekend yet. It all depends on when the hay is ready to cut.

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