Monday, July 11, 2016

Catch a Clue - Find a New Author

Every Monday catch a clue about a new to you mystery, thriller, or suspense book or author. 

Authors: In comments give readers a five sentence passage from one of your books. 

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Readers enjoy finding new authors. 

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Paty Jager said...

“Whoa. What has you spooked?” She ran a hand down the horse’s neck to soothe him and stared at the ground where Sheba pawed.
Her stomach lurched and her mouth went dry. Sheba dug at the ground next to a bloody, disemboweled body.

Deadly Aim
Paty Jager
Murder Mystery

Paty Jager said...

Agua Prieta, Mexico, 1925. She stared at her reflection for a long time. Her bloodied hands cupped together as she splashed water on the open wounds on her face and arms. The coolness lasted only a few seconds and did little to revive her senses. Though she’d spent a few hours safely inside the dilapidated house, she still struggled to grasp reality.

Waking Lazarus
D.J. Williams


Author Website said...

Kasey concentrated on the agitated feelings surging toward her. A sudden wave of pain hit her, sending needles through her hand and stomach and setting her head throbbing. She gasped and braced herself against the windowsill. Someone—a man and a stranger by the unfamiliar feel—was badly hurt. That was why Star woke her.

Kate Wyland
Romantic Suspense

(Let's see if I did this right.) :-)

susan berliner said...

"Ryan," she whispered, nodding her head. That's how he escaped. He wasn't hiding in some faraway hotel room; he was holed up somewhere in the past. And the key element wasn't where he was. It was when.

"The Disappearance"
Susan Berliner
Time Travel Thriller