Monday, April 03, 2017

Cozy Week at An Indie Adventure!

L.A. Sartor the owner of the blog An Indie Adventure has set up a whole week at her blog with 6 mystery authors blogging about aspects that make a mystery a cozy. Readers and writers are going to want to check this out! 

Lois Winston the author of the Anastasia Pollock Crafting Mysteries is on Monday April 3rd.

So when I began writing mysteries, I knew I wanted to write humorous amateur sleuth mysteries, not police procedurals, thrillers about terrorists who want to blow up cities, or dark, gritty serial killer fare.”


Marilyn Leach the author of the Berdie Elliott Mystery series is up on Tuesday April 4th

“The term red herring, as we know it, means to set a false trail, disguise the scent of the real antagonist…”


I'm up on Wednesday April 5th talking about locations for cozy mysteries and my Shandra Higheagle Mystery series.

Most cozy mystery books and series are set in a small town or village where if the amateur sleuth doesn’t know someone, they do know someone who knows that person.”


Nancy Haddock author of the Silver Six Mystery series will be up on Thursday April 6th

“Did you know that crafts and foods figure largely in a majority of cozies?”


Kathleen Kaska author of the Sydney Lockhart Mystery series will define a cozy book on Friday April 7th

 I define a “cozy” as a mystery that makes me feel good…”

Cynthia Hickey author of the Shady Acres Mystery series will be the last post on Saturday April 8th

“What is more fun than trying to figure out a clever crime along with a beloved character?

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