Sunday, July 20, 2014

Contrary Mares

We had the horses in the arena that had belly high grass growing in it. My husband believes every square inch of dirt should be growing something useful. The four horses mowed it down, and we decided if the water tank was by the gate to the hill with 200 acres they could roam, they wouldn't wander far.

The first week, they were down at the water tank every morning. We caught them and rode. Then one morning only Jammer was at the water tank. The other three were high on the hill. Then for two days we didn't see the other three at all, and this morning, I only saw two.

Bud, my gelding wasn't with the two mares.
Jammer at the gate

We knew the neighbors also had horses on our hill, per our agreement, and they had water for them down at their corrals. But when I saw the mares and no Bud, I was sure something had happened to him. He always hangs with the herd. I began to have visions of him laying in a ravine with a broken leg or a snake bite and decided I needed to go find him.

Knowing if I carried a lead rope or halter Annie, the oldest mare, would lead Lily away from me, I trudged up the hill and over the other side without a lead rope. At the top, I spotted the neighbor horses at the bottom of the hill headed for their corrals and water.

At the back was Bud, plodding along in his usual shuffling walk.

I hollered, "Buuud!" His head came up and he stopped. I hollered again, and he started looking around. Another holler, and he turned his body and looked up the hill at me. A couple more hollers and he was walking back to the gate towards me.

He walked through the gate and I hollered again. I was about half way down the hill. He started running up the hill then stopped and nickered. Annie and Lily topped the hill behind me and started walking south- the opposite direction I wanted Bud to come.

I hollered a few more times but he headed south and soon caught up to them and ignored me. So after hiking up the hill staring down into all the gullet's believing Bud was hurt because he wasn't with the mares, he left me for the contrary mare that avoids being caught at all costs.

I didn't get a ride, only a hike up and back down the hill.

I think we're going to have to lock up Bud and Lily (when I catch them) so I have them available to ride!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ridin' the Sagebrush

I've finally healed up from my bronc bustin' escapades a few weeks ago. And the mares have finally simmered down from being in heat. I've never seen such a ruckus between them and the one gelding in their midst.

The youngest horse, Lily, who bucked me off not once, but twice; breaking my finger and putting a rib out, was a terror while in heat. She is so calm and easy to manage the rest of the time, she took me by surprise with her antics. Then one of the old ladies, Jammer, decided she wasn't going to be outdone by Lily and was squealing and kicking at anything that came near her.

Rebecca on Annie. Me on Bud.

Last week my granddaughter, Rebecca, from Alaska and I went on a short ride with my gelding Bud and the other old mare, Annie, who didn't seem to have a temperament issue like the other two. While riding along the side of the alfalfa field we stopped and watched a young doe peek over the tall sagebrush at us. We stood watching one another for five minutes before the doe picked her way up the side of the hill. Annie realized in quick order that Rebecca was a greenhorn. Soon Annie was wandering among the alfalfa plants and nipping off the tops. I instructed Rebecca on how to keep her on the road and not allow her to eat while riding.

Heading out with the boys.

This week while Rebecca stayed with her girl cousins, the boys, Austin and Justice, and I went for a ride. Austin chose the tallest horse, Jammer, a Tennessee Walker. Luckily Jammer was no longer being a pill. When Austin stands next to Jammer he can't reach all the way to the top of her back but he was determined to help me saddle and bridle his mare. His "no fear" attitude had Jammer thinking he knew more about riding than he does. The two of them made a great pair. By the end of the ride Austin was calling Jammer his baby. "That's my baby. Good job." LOL  Only seconds into the ride Annie figured out Justice and was doing pretty much what she wanted. He did manage to keep her out of the alfalfa most of the time and not fall off. He didn't have Austin's "no fear" mentality and every time Annie stubbed a hoof or balked he'd give a little squeal.
Austin and Jammer leading the way.

An hour after we finished the ride, Austin wanted to go again. I told him we would ride more next week now that the horses have calmed down and he proved he can handle Jammer.

It's amazing how each child is so different in how they approach challenges and life. I'm looking forward to more horseback rides with the grandkids.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Moving isn't for Sissies!

We are moved! Mostly. The house is cleaned out and most of our belongings are stored in the tack room we built a few months ago. It broke my heart (not) to have to get rid of the two old recliners and the sectional. We didn't have room in the tack room so we gave the to family and thrift stores. This means I can purchase new chairs and a sofa when the house is finished.

Tack room we filled with our belongings
There are still some outside things, farm equipment, that needs moved but we are settled into the 260 sq. ft. cabin. We've started all the permit processes to get the house built. Power company has visited and marked where power poles will go, the septic has been approved, we've contacted and given our house plans to a contractor to do the farming, and we've found a person to take care of the foundation.

Site where the house is going
This week we should start moving dirt and see some progress.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Birthday Gift for You- The Reader!

Since it's my birthday month and it's hard to server you a piece of Birthday Cake via the internet, I'm giving you a really good deal on the first three Isabella Mumphrey books in an ebook box set for $0.99 from June 15th - 30th.

Here are the blurbs and info:

Three ebook box set of steamy action adventure with anthropologist Isabella Mumphrey and DEA agent Tino Constantine. 

SECRETS OF A MAYAN MOON (Romcon Reader's Choice 2013)
What happens when a brilliant anthropologist is lured to the jungle to be used as a human sacrifice?

Revenge is not always sweet… 
But when the love of his life, Isabella, strolls into his enemy’s home, Tino is challenged with the choice of saving her or fulfilling his revenge.

The truth doesn’t always set you free…
Landing in the underground world of human trafficking, anthropologist Isabella Mumphrey learns her own past is as sordid as the predicament she’s uncovered.