Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Holidays-Right!

If these are supposed to be Happy Holidays, why am I feeling stressed and unproductive!

I have my shopping done, just waiting for something I ordered via the internet to arrive so I can send boxes to Alaska and Texas. My house all but the tree (which we are getting this weekend) is decorated and I have started baking the goodies for neighbors and fellow employees.

So why can't I focus on Brock and Carina, or Drake and Julie, or Dove and Wewukiye? I have a cp reading Safe Haven and asked for more, only I don't have any more! I hope with her bugging me it will make me start cranking out the pages. I'm also taking an online Feng Shui class to see if I can make myself more productive. I'm willing to try anything at this point!LOL


Piper Lee said...

Feng Shui is very important so this will be very helpful to you I'm sure.

I try to Feng Shui my life every few months because it just gets too cluttered otherwise and I get all stressed out.

Good luck with the writing. Maybe just give yourself permission to not be motivated towards writing and all of a sudden you may find yourself tapping away at your stories again. :)

christy j carleton said...

Okay, since I know who the cp is... here's my berrating.... SEND MORE ! :> Just kidding.

Look, it's okay to take a holiday break. This time of year is hard to write (I'm soooo guilty of that myself - of course I started at Thanksgiving... :>)

Get a notebook and if ideas come to you, jot them down. You can jump back into writing after Christmas.

And though I'd love to read more on S.H., I don't want to see you stressed out over it. (stress doesn't make a good catalyst for writing - unless it's a deadline for a sale... hee hee)