Wednesday, December 07, 2005


While soaking in the bathtub last night I realized my contemporary needed another character. Roscoe. He has dark brown eyes, his broad chest is a dapple brown, black, and gray. He's the cowdog! His first encounter with the heroine, he pees on her suitcase! He will be accepting of Carina and having Brock feel like everyone is consorting against him. It will also give me more ways to show Carina's city-ness and help Brock find her when she is missing.

Maybe this Feng Shui is working! I didn't even have to dig for that inspiration! It's good to not feel in a fog! Though it is foggy outside.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good plan and will give you some comic relief as a bonus!

Although if a dog peed on my suitcase I don't think I'd find it one bit funny. Hopefully Carina has a more open sense of what's humorous. LOL

Glad to hear the fog of your brain lifted even though it was foggy outside. Isn't it nice when that happens?!

Hope your holidays are shaping up to wonderful!