Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sunshine and more sunshine!

It has been a shock to the system going from arctic winds and sunshine to temps in the 90's, but I'm loving it! There was a time during the winter I thought we would never see the sun again!

I am plugging away at MIP in hopes of getting it to my editor by mid June and on the Wild Rose Press site for purchase by July. That is my goal. We (Wild Rose Press) had our first sale today! Major kudos to Jo and Rhonda for working so fast to get things up and rolling.

It's been disheartening that we have had so few queries for westerns and American historicals. I'm ready to read a good western!


Piper Lee said...

Have you ever read any of Shannon Drake's western historicals? You might like them and they're pretty long too so you'll have a lot of reading time in the western historical setting.

Start with Branded Hearts. You can borrow mine or you can get it from dirt cheap if you want your own copy to keep. Also, they have reviews of the book you can view to see what it's about. For a full list of her stuff go to

Hope you can get some of her books. They're so filled with history cleverly woven into the story so that it's not a "history lesson" but an epic romance you won't be able to put down. Guaranteed!

I'll send you an email with an excerpt from Branded Hearts to hook you okay? LOL

Good luck and happy reading.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Congrats to WRP on the first sale. That's so cool!

And good luck on the edits. Are these editor requested revisions or your own revisions?