Monday, September 25, 2006

Baling, thoughts, action

While baling hay on Sunday afternoon, I let my mind drift to my latest writing projects. I discovered I would like to add more description to Spirit of the Mountain and also rethink the ending. I like the ending and the only thing I am wondering about changing is the last chapter contest I entered it in - one judge loved it - said it made her cry and another's comment was you ruined it because the Creator solved their problem, not them.

Now this has me thinking - Did I take the easy way out? I don't believe so. The Creator was called upon several times during the book. It was his ultimate decision which allowed Himiin to go off the mountain to help Wren without losing his spirit powers, yet in the end Himiin ends up mortal when Wren beseeches the Creator to let him live. Is this taking the easy way out when the Creator's presence has been an intrigal part of the story all along?

What do you think?


Piper Lee said...

I think you just made my head spin and now I'm too dizzy to give you a straight answer. (LOL)

How's that for taking the easy way out? :)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Did the hero have to sacrifice something for the creator to let her live? Remember what Chris said in her workshop: What does the protagonist give up at the end?

It's a paranormal, so I think you can get away with having the creator step in at the end, but there has to be some kind of sacrifice or give/take to show that it was the hero (or heroine's) *actions* that enabled the creator to step in and solve the problem for them.

I just finished a paranormal that ended like that. The heroine was going to die from cancer. The hero called on the creator-type-person in the book and begged for her life. The creator stepped in only after making him a deal - the hero had to sacrifice being with her to save her life. It killed him, but he wanted her to live more than anything so he agreed.