Thursday, September 21, 2006

They're ready!

I bought my book today at Booksurge! Now I wait 25 days for them to show up.(author's wait longer, not sure why) But at least I know I will have them for the end of October booksigning.

This whole first book thing has been - nerve wracking! I have once again learned I need more patience. I need to not go out and set up booksignings until I have the book in my hand or at least in print! In the beginning I was told it will only take two weeks from the time I get the manuscript until you will have it! That didn't happen. And I've backed off on the next book. Taking it slower, making sure it is perfect and knowing it will be close to 6 weeks after I okay the galley before I will have a print book. So I'll wait until January to set up a booksigning for that one. ;) See it only takes one and I learn. You don't have to beat me over the head to get my attention and knock sense into me.

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