Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a Slacker!

I was called on the fact I hadn't blogged yet today because I usually blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I have an excuse- My oldest daughter and her two girls- 3 and almost 1 are here. We've fed animals, rode the mini-horse, played, cleaned up toys, chased dogs, thrown rocks in the canal, fed weeds to the hogs, and you guessed it just plain been tuckered out!

No writing will get done until Thursday- I deliver them to husband and father on Wednesday evening. So if you are looking for some good blogs on writing you might jump over and take a look at the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA blog. There's some great stuff being talked about there.

How does your week look? Busy or nice and relaxing?


Christy Keerins said...

Thanks Mom. Very cute picture of Hailie.

Piper Lee said...

You have the most adorable grandkids!

Glad you're having fun with your dd and dgk's.

My week's looking pretty good and sorta relaxing at this point, but, it's only Tuesday, so things could change, drastically! :)

This is the first week that schools officially out for all my kids, and what's freaky is, my husband and I are now getting up earlier than we did when the kids were in school so we can go on a walk together everyday.

The walks have me quite sore and I'm a bit of a hobbler at the moment. LOL Hopefully, the pain will be worth it in the end.

Have fun with your family!